22 jun. 2013

Mapa interectivo de mercados de carbono/Interactive ETS Map

La organización "International Carbon Action Partnership" ha actualizado recientemente su mapa global interactivo que ubica los distintos mercados de carbono en el mundo y realiza una comparación entre ellos, dividiendolos en tres clases:

1) Países en los que el mercado que ya estan implementado: azul

2)Países en los que la implementación del mercado ya está prevista y agendada: 
celeste oscuro

3)Países en los que la implementación de mercado se esta comenzando a considerar: celeste claro

Solo está disponible en inglés.

Interactive ETS Map

 Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) are a key instrument in the mitigation of climate change. The Interactive ETS Map allows users to visualize the status of ETSs around the world, to access information on the schemes and to compare key design elements across ETS.

The Map aims to reflect the latest developments in jurisdictions that have implemented or are considering the development of carbon markets through cap-and-trade systems at various levels of government. It will be updated on a continuous basis as new information becomes available.

To learn more about an ETS, click on the corresponding jurisdiction on the map. Key information will appear in a summary box. For more details on ETS design elements, click on Detailed ETS profile at the bottom of the box. You can also compare ETS where detailed information is available by clicking on the “ETS Comparison” button at the top of the map.


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